The market nature of wooden industry is always volatile and inflexible in nature. Today what is in the trending will not be in trend tomorrow. So due to look at the huge competition, it is necessary for all the ecommerce and small furniture oriented companies to work on new varieties and patterns to stay up in the competition.

It is necessary to have eminent level of  capital and financing facilities to make a success for a country. Today there are many type of major countries which have their own manufacturing base of furniture segment and they are as well ranking good in top furniture exporting countries. Like - Malaysia, China, India, Germany, Japan, Korea etc.

China is undoubtedly a furniture giant for the world. This is the result due to importing nature of USA. USA is totally dependent on China for its furniture market segment. China is experiencing the great opportunities for entering in the

USA furniture segment and it is earning a huge potential of revenue. USA is importing most of the bedroom and home decor furniture from China. The other countries market share is shrinking continuously in this segment.

Besides USA, europe is also considered an endless opportunistic market for the asian countries. European countries are as well opened for the different export especially for child furniture, flat furniture, PC related furniture, living room  also has a very good scope for the exporting countries.

In Japan, besides of being a small country, still it has a growing opportunity for the furniture segment. In Japan people they have the tendency to accept the high price but they are not ready to compromise on quantity. There is a very open opportunity for cupboards, corner furniture and large tables.

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